Hot Water – Your Best ally And Worst Enemy In Winter

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Hot Water – Your Best ally And Worst Enemy In Winter

In summer, we barely notice how effective (or ineffective) our hot water heater is. While it’s warm, you’re not as desperate for that steamy shower.If you’re lucky enough to have your own set of fire breathing dragons, you’re all set for hot water, but if you don’t have the luxury of dragons to heat your water, you’ll need to make sure your hot water heater is in tip top shape.

General tank condition – you want to be looking for any rust marks on the outside of the heater, leaks, or any other signs that the metal is degrading or corroding.

Safety relief valve – check if the safety relief valve is dripping. It is designed to drip when heating the water inside, but it shouldn’t be dripping constantly. It is critical to the safety of your system that the safety relief valve is working properly, so if you notice a continuous drip then call a professional immediately.

Sacrificial anode: your sacrificial anode attracts corrosive elements in the water, which prevents corrosion of the rest of the inside of your hot water system. However, these degrade over time and must be replaced regularly.