How to Clear a Drain

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How to Clear a Drain

If you’ve got a clogged drain, you may wonder if it’s possible to clear the drain on your own or if you’re going to need to call a plumber. The answer to that question depends on several factors: How badly the drain is clogged, what material is causing the clogged drain, and how far down the pipe work the problem lies.

Clear The Drain With Hot Water

If you’ve got a clogged drain, you’ll want to try hot water first. Because you’re dealing with a clogged drain, you may not have much room for a lot of water, so heat water on the stove (in a kettle) until boiling, and then carefully pour the hot water into the drain (slowly). Watch for progress. Stop before you fill the drain with too much water.

Clear the Drain With a Plunger

If the hot water didn’t open things up sufficiently (sometimes the hot water will partially unclog the drain, making the problem a little easier to deal with), grab your handy plunger. You may only think plungers are good for unclogging toilets, but they work wonders on sink and bathtub drains, too. Use the plunger to see if you can dislodge whatever is stuck down the line.